Friday, November 11, 2011

New Orleans Mafia Today

New Orleans Has a New Boss

Michael Tufaro seems to have taken control of the New Orleans Mafia along with his brother Joseph "Joey" Tufaro. The Tufaro brothers have a five decade family history in the New Orleans Mob. They also have family ties to the New York Colombo Family that go back to the 80's. Here are a few links and some other infomation that supports this line of thinking.;s_trackval=GooglePM

Tufaro, Michael
* capo / street boss
* grandson of Joseph Tufaro
* brother of Joseph Tufaro
* nephew of Anthony DiPiazza
* cousin of Dominic Tufaro member of the Colombo Family
* released from prison for kidnapping in 2003
* reported to still be alive

Tufaro, Joseph "Joe The Nose"
* soldier
* uncle of Dominic Tufaro, member of the Colombo Family
* born September 9, 1912 in New York, New York
* grandfather of Joseph and Michael Tufaro
* passed away on January 15, 2003

Tufaro, Joseph "Joey"
* soldier
* grandson of Joseph Tufaro
* cousin of Dominic Tufaro member of the Colombo Family
* brother of Michael Tufaro
* made in 1999
* involved in loansharking
* reported to still be alive

DiPiazza, Salvatore "Sam"
* capo
* brother in law of Joseph Tufaro
* great uncle of Joseph & Michael Tufaro
* identified as a bookmaker
* born around 1920 in Palermo, Sicily
* passed away on December 18, 1994

DiPiazza, Anthony
* soldier
* son of Salvatore DiPiazza
* uncle of Joseph and Michael Tufaro
* made in 1984
* involved in illegal gambling
* born around 1952 in New Orleans
* passed away in 2004

La Stella restaurant bust in Queens back in the 60s. You will probably recognize a couple names also:

That meeting was the beginning of a rift in New Orleans that split organized crime in the Crescent City into two factions and has effected it to this very day. As many already know Carlos Marcello's control was challenged by Anthony Carolla the son of Sylvestro "Sliver Dollar Sam" Carolla the former boss. Sylvestro Carolla was deported in 1947 and appointed Carlos Marcello as "acting boss" until his return which lasted only one year 1949 to 1950. In 1952 Sylvestro Carolla was arrested in Italy for narcotics trafficking and would not return to the U.S. until 1970 for medical treatment, he died in 1972. By the time of the La Stella's meeting in 1966 the Carolla faction of the New Orleans crime family were feeling very diminished due to Marcello's refusal to allow new membership. Marcello's refusal to allow new membership was a move to consolidate his power. What is not so well known is that Joseph Colombo set up the La Stella's meeting and sided with Anthony Carolla but was out voted. Colombo managed to gain one concession for Anthony Carolla, new membership would be allowed but limited. That limited new member included Joseph "Joe The Nose" Tufaro a close friend of Anthony Carolla and former driver of Sylvestro Carolla. Joseph Tufaro's grandson Michael Tufaro is thought to be the guy calling the shots in New Orleans today. This LCN family is very very different than the families of the northeast. These guy's don't just operate in the shadows they are in the shadows of the room that's under the basement. Information on these wiseguys is hard to come by unless your really looking, but it is out there.

Michael Tufaro reputed "Capo/Street Boss" of the New Orleans Mafia was arrested on 06-19-2010 for aggravated battery.

Although Mr. Tufaro's version of the events on that day greatly differed from that of the victim's he did plead guilty to simple battery.The victim and a co-worker who both work for the Motorist Assistance Patrol stated that "Mr. Tufaro was passed out in his vehicle and they knocked on the vehicle's window attempting to wake the subject up, which he did, and proceeded to place his vehicle in gear and strike the victim in his legs, causing him to hit the hood of the vehicle,before losing his balance and falling to the ground. The perpetrator then moved his vehicle forward, striking the victim again."

In Mr. Tufaro's version of the events he stated " I was sitting in my car on side of the Interstate talking on the phone when these two guy's walked up to my car and banged on my window. So I got out of my car, words were exchanged and yes I was angry. Did I throw the first blow ? Maybe. But this was a fist fight, two against one and I won that fight. I am guilty of hitting both of them with my fist, yes. But never did I hit anyone with my car."

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